Manufacturing Facilities
Puchong, Malaysia: 9000 Sq. Ft.

Manufacturing Industries
Commercial, Industrial

Fast Turnaround Low Volume /
High Mix Requirement
Direct Distribution

Types of Assemblies
Chip-on-board Assembly
Surface Mount Assembly
Through-Hole Assembly Mixed Assembly
Turnkey Assembly Camera Assembly
Card Personalization
Complete Watch Mfg.

Thank you for visiting our website. AACO Technologies is a sub-contract manufacturing company specializing in electronic assembly for local and overseas market. Founded in 1989, and incorporated in 1997, we specialize in chip-on-board, SMT and camera assemblies. We have enough facilities, which allow us to provide turnkey solutions based on the technological, volume and cost requirements of our customers.

We understand that each project requires it's own unique resources. Whether in the design phase, or in final assembly, Aaco provides whatever assistance is required. Our work doesn't stop after the first products roll off the line. Continuous improvement and cost reduction are our key factors in assuring a competitive edge. We train our staff to identify potential problems before they occur, and help our customers with sound engineering support when problems do occur.

Cost effective manufacturing, flexible production scheduling, and versatile material handling concepts make us the solution to your manufacturing needs.


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